July 18th, 2012, 5:09 pm

For those who are reading

Yes updates are slow but plans are to increase the speed. The story is not yet interesting, but that will change. There is not much posted yet, give it time.

And speaking of time well...this comic should span at least 5 years.

Why am I so confident?
well I have 2 years typed up and planned. Not to mention that I am currently taking a 5 minute break in my typing in order to tell you this.

Me and my co-writer are having much fun with this...(I think I'm having more) so I don't see us stopping anytime soon.

Now I also have to grab supper of some sort...maybe a quick pizza.

now you also may be wondering about how much effort I put into this.

today= minimum 3 hours of typing (realistically closer to 4)

tomorrow= 4 hours typing and 4 hours drawing

the 20th= probably the same as the 19th.

Have fun reading and stick around because I just murdered someone in the story (not the first or last time)in the most unusual suspenseful way...you'll see it in roughly 1 1/2 years. ;)

see ya around

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