Hey guys, I figure you might want some way to contact me. I's pretty easy to find me on twitter as I have my feed on the home page but did you also know that I write a pagan based blog? Both my blog and my twitter get checked about once a day. So please be patient, I cannot answer within 5 minutes but will try my hardest to reply within 24 hours. Same goes with my email, you can email me here but be warned, any spam can and will be blocked. I would reallylike my email to only contain serious topics, so if you just want to say hi then drop me a few words on the blog or on twitter. I forgot to meantion that there is also a facebook group for the comic as well. It is open to the public and you can find it here

Because I am still working on the site my contact links may not work until the beginning of august. Sorry for the inconvenience.