Asali is a young Nmego Oracle, deaf from birth and orphaned at a young age due to social pressures and racial misconceptions, she has been raised and taught by the various "mothers" and Father.

Though she is fluent in a few common forms of sign language, her main route of communication with the "mothers", Father, and her siblings has been a mix of verbal/lip reading and Telepathy.

Being raised at Fathers home where survival is based on how you present yourself and how useful you are to you siblings, and having little experience in the outside world she has gained a "can do" attitude and lets nothing bring her down. This attitude may surprise some, fool others, and get her out of trouble, but more often than not her naive nature continues to get her into unique circumstances.

Father, is the male father figure to all those who live or call his place home. He takes in many orphans and single mothers with children. He has also taken in adult women without husband or tribe with the requirement that they have at least one child or plan on having at least one child, and that they help raise the children already at Fathers home.

Although half of his children are not related to him through paternity he treats them all as if they were from his seed. He is a very private man who wishes not to be known by anyone who is not a "mother" or a "child" outside of his home.
Father is a very loving but strict Fatherly figure.