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The Nmego race is rumored to have been around since the time that Gnomes first appeared, though the first Nmego sighting by the outside world wasn't recorded until about 500 years after the first Gnome settlements started appearing. There are many theories as to how they came to be but the most common theory is that they also are descendant from the fey. Being descended from the evil fey would account for their attitude and many of their traits. However they do not get any spell like abilities unlike many of the other races decedent from the fey.

The Nmego race is often mistaken for Gnomes, this can cause tension among traveling companions and acquaintances. Nmego's react to this confusion in various ways depending on the personality, many hate the mistake and call the person out or take retribution while a very small minority will masquerade as a gnome to stay out of trouble.

Nmego�s do not congregate in large settlements of their own but rather live among the outskirts of towns or within the darker areas of cities. It is rare to see more than 2 Nmgoe�s together for reasons outside of a family unit, barter and trade, or mutual hunting. Nmego�s, if they are not alone, tend to drift from one group of individuals to another for entertainment and travel.
When it comes to mating and raising a family, few Nmego parents stay together past pregnancy. Instead after birthing of twins or more, rarely to Nmego�s have a single child, both parents will split the children and raise them separately until the children can fend for themselves.

Nmego's can eat many different foods and mostly stick to local foods when trying to blend into their environment, though they do partake and even crave the blood of other races to strengthen themselves and to boost their nutrition intake.
Nmego’s do not share blood with each other even when cravings become high unless there is a life threatening situation but even then it is rare for them to drink from another Nmego unless they are from the same family unit.
The reason for the aversion to Nmego blood while salivating over the blood of other races is due to taste, Nmego’s have no moral reason to avoid another Nmego’s blood but avoid it due to it's very bitter taste.

Stay tuned for alignments of the Nmego